We Get These Questions A Lot

How much is a typical design fee?

It will vary depending on the design and complexity of the project. For instance a kitchen project will have more design work involved than a bath. Typical costs range from $250-$2000.

How long does the process take prior to the commencement of building?

It varies based on type of project, but often 2-4 weeks is adequate time to put together the final project.

What will my remodeling project cost? What’s my return on investment?

It is very difficult to have an average cost because each project is unique and has it’s own characteristics. However, you can click the link below that will direct you to Remodeling Magazine’s annual cost vs. value report. This will provide an idea of both the cost of your project and the return on your investment for the Canton/Akron area.

See the report

How long does a typical kitchen or bathroom project take?

The average kitchen project will be 4-6 weeks, and the average bathroom will take 3-4 weeks.

What about a warranty for products and labor?

We offer a 2 warranty on all labor and materials used for the project along with any manufacturers warranties on products used.